What can CCleaner do?

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What can CCleaner do?

What can CCleaner do?

If you wish to clean your hard drive and remove all your internet traces then CCleaner is very good at this. You can see below what it can do and also what it cannot do. There are a number of options with CCleaner which you can also use which might be helpful in removing not only your internet steps or traces but you can also check and see what this software cannot do. CCleaner cannot remove viruses or malware but can only remove your temporary files and make you computer a small little bit faster.

What can CCleaner do?

These are some of the basic features of the program which you might enjoy.

CCleaner will remove all cookies and all tracing from where you surfed on the internet. It can also delete all your passwords if you so which and it can remove it from all browsers or only certain browsers. The utility will delete all your browser history and will automatically close or ask you to close your browser when it is still open to delete all your browsing habits from your computer. CCleaner has a very good reputation in this regards and is well known to protect your privacy on your computer.

The software will also remove your recently used files shortcuts from your computer. This will protect your privacy when you do not wish to have anyone see what you have been looking at on your computer. This is very easy to do as there are many options in the easy to use menu to remove all of these shortcuts and other data which shows your browsing data and information on your computer.

There is  also the option to wipe your free space but you should be careful about this when you have an SSD drive. All the temporary files and documents will be permanently deleted one this has been done by wiping your free space. There are a number of options in this regards. All traces of the documents will be removed so be careful what you are wanting to delete as you will not be able to recover any of these files again.

One of the places where people normally do not clean is their computer registry. CCleaner will look into the registry and remove all information that is no longer needed. Sometimes when you uninstall files or software it does not completely remove them from the registry making it bigger and bigger even though this information is not being used. CCleaner will remove all of these orphan information in your computers registry. This is a good way to optimise your registry in Windows 10.

If you want your computer to start faster without loading certain software then you will have this option in the software which allows you to decide which files will load first. This is a very easy way to get your computer to load Windows faster. Without this software it would be very difficult to control which programs loads as you would need to be very technically minded to change this on your own. With this utility it would be easy enough for anyone to do. Memory loads are reduced and Windows 10 will star much more faster.

Uninstall software with this software makes it very easy to remove your programs with one singular click. Removing software and programs from your computer has never been easier and it will also ensure that even the registry entries are properly removed. Life is very easy when using this software to uninstall any programs or software you dont need any longer. Removing cookies are also very easy and you can decide which cookies you wish to remove and this is again very easy to do.

One last feature which was added to the program was you ability to remove duplicate files on your computer and which allows you to save hard driver space on your computer. This again is very easy to do as the menu system is very easy to understand.