Registry Cleaning Win 10

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Registry Cleaning Win 10

Registry Cleaning Win 10

Normally you want to optimise your registry in Windows 10 but are to afraid to make any of these changes. Yes, it is dangerous to play around in the registry because most people dont know what to do. With CCleaner you dont need to worry about this and the utility will optimise your registry without the risk of damaging your operating system. Registry cleaning with the CCleaner portable is easy as you can see below how to do this on your computer with very little risk.

Registry Cleaning Windows 10

Your registry in Windows 10 will over time, become cluttered with broken items as well as missing files because of all your installs, upgrades, as well as uninstalling software as well as updates over the months or years. With CCleaner portable you can clean out the Registry in Windows 10 so you will have a faster registry as well as having much fewer errors on your system.

How to clean your Registry:

  1. In the CCleaner utility software, click the Registry icon at left;
  2. There is an option to select which errors to look for; (Leave all of them selected)
  3. Now click on Scan for Issues at the bottom;
  4. Now the progress bar will show and all potential issues are highlighted;
  5. Once the scan is complete you can see a list of technical issues;
  6. You can now skip any of the issues found by right clicking on the issue and click Add to Exclude List.
  7. You will now be able to see all of the excluded files, folders, and Registry entries;
  8. Now you can click Fix selected issues and it will now fix all the Registry errors found;
  9. Note that there is an option to make a backup the Registry;
  10. Make the backup and click Yes;
  11. Show where you want to save the backup of the Registry;
  12. Note that the backup file ends in .REG;
  13. Now you have to click on Save;
  14. Now the CCleaner portable will show the first Registry problem and solution.

Registry Cleaner Windows 10